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Friday, March 19, 2004

Elisabeth is Edward?

Let’s suppose that instead if Ann Bolen being knocked up with Elisabeth, she has a son instead, called Edward. This would mean that Henry has a relatively healthy heir instead of the sickly Edward, with Mary waiting in the wings.

Presumably, Henry would appoint the healthy Edward his heir. Edward would need to keep the separation between England and the Pope, as recognition of the Pope would bring his legitimacy into question. There would, however, be some other interesting effects:

-Edward would be free to marry without political problems, which would a) not allow James to inherit and b) align England with another power.

-Kings tend to be more land-grabbing and aggressive than queens, though I’m not sure how often there have been enough powerful queens to provide a decent sample. Changes are that Edward would be more aggressive with Spain and take the throne of Holland when it’s offered.

-Mary would probably end up married to some poor Englishman or a foreign prince. If a) there’ll be a contender for the English throne in the wings, if b) there might be a foreign heir as well.

Anyone want to do this? Don't forget that this would leave Charles I (the one who lost his head mentally then literally) running scotland.


posted by Chris  # 3/19/2004 02:06:00 pm

Thursday, March 11, 2004

British get German fleet?

In 1919, the entire German high seas fleet scuttled itself in Scarpa flow, ending the debate about who should have the German fleet. What if the British had seized the fleet?

It would give them a massive advantage over any other sea power, forcing both the US and Japan to build faster in hopes of matching the fleet. If the British could use the ships, what might happen? A treaty favourable to Britain in the Far East, keep the alliance with Japan? Or an Anglo-American war in 1921 as the Americans begin building desperately to match the expanded British fleet?


posted by Chris  # 3/11/2004 12:08:00 pm

Monday, March 08, 2004

Stormwatch: Team Achilles 20

Review of the hit comics latest issue, as man fights superman for the future of the planet…

The world has changed remarkably. In the space between #19 and #20, the Authority have taken over the United States and their position has been recognised by the world. In the Coup D’Etet mini series, the Stormwatch team have gone underground; this is the first story that takes place after the Coup.

The story beginning in a manner that must be confusing to new readers. Santini is walking through the UN to the secitaitary-general’s office, having a conversation with two others on the phone. Entering the SGs office, Santini confronts the leader of the UN, who has cut off Stormwatch’s funding after the coup, and demands to know why the Un has just given in. The SG informs Santini that he’s a wanted criminal and he has to leave. After a parting shot, Santini leaves, wondering aloud how long it would take the UN to betray him to the Authority. “Not very long at all”, says the Midnighter, appearing out of a door.

There is a brief confrontation, which must add to the confusion of the new reader, but it ends with the Engineer sent to Liberia and the Midnighter trapped in China. Later, Santini and Flint are approached by a man who offers them unlimited funding and supplies. Suspiciously, Santini investigates and discovers that the man is part of a group that hides the descendents of Jesus Christ, and that there is a heir alive at the moment. Invited to a meeting, Santini demands proof, and upon asking if the heir can raise the dead, shoots the agent and demands that the heir raise him … or Santini’s people will kill them all…

Wow! This issue, which I suspect takes place a week after the coup (in contrast to Authority V2 10, which takes place three months after the coup), shows both the hard nature of Santini’s personality and the dangers of appeasing a powerful enemy. Santini also shows a softer side with the relivation about his relationship with Flint, as well as his work with Tefibi, hacking through records and discussing the history of the knights.

There are also many unanswered questions. When the Midnighter rides the Project Entry teleporter, we see three figures trapped in the Entry universe. One is clearly Deadhead, from #18, where we thought he had been killed. The second may be senator Terns. I can’t place the third. Was that what happened to the other prisoners from the Stormwatch compound in Coup #2? If so, how did deadhead survive?

There are a few jarring moments. The Midnighter is badly misused and walks right into a trap. Further, when did the Midnighter learn Flint’s real name? Was it part of his training or afterwards? When did Santini and Flint develop their relationship? It explains his treatment of her when in President Kent’s office, but it’s a change from Coup #2. Finally, there are several references to 9/11 and the security measures taken by the US, but those don’t fit into the Wildstorm Universe.

Finally, the most striking thing about the issue is the cover. Unlike the normal action picture, this cover features speech bubbles and a very confusing situation. Hopefully, we’ll learn why next issue.


posted by Chris  # 3/08/2004 05:33:00 am

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Minor WW2 nations – mainly Ireland

Most of the nations that took part in WW2 were big nations (Great Powers). The smaller nations that took part tended to get steamrolled by one or the other of the Powers. As something else for us to debate, were there any possibilities for one of the smaller nations to have a decisive part in the war, or altering its outcome?

For example:

Could Ireland invade/liberate Northern Ireland in 1940?

Could Iran join the Axis or make a contribution to the Allies?

Could Siam make a difference if it was a complete ally of Japan?

I tend to consider the Irish alternative the most interesting. Let’s say that Dev decided to seize Northern Ireland while the British were worried about Sea Lion and gamble that the British would let him get away with it out of fear of US opinion. I suspect that the Irish would be able to take the area, but would then face the opinion of the unionists, who wanted to stay with the UK, and would fight the Southerners.

Further, the UK would not have many forces suitable to hand to attack Ireland and recover NI. They might be forced to resort to bombing ROI, or to invading the ROI, occupying the cities and ports, but simply not having the forces to hunt the IRA and resistance fighters throughout the interior of Ireland.

However, the British might lose WW2 this way. Not only would the Irish-Americans be campaigning for FDR to do something, which threatens Lend Lease, the British would have fewer forces to send to the western desert. Operation Compass might be impossible if half the active divisions were in Ireland, which means that the Italian position might be stronger and they might achieve some success by a) having fewer British to fight and b) providing incentive for a nationalist revolt in Egypt.

Thoughts? Could Dev have knifed the British in the back or would he have been quickly squashed?


posted by Chris  # 3/02/2004 03:52:00 pm


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